March 23 rd


Some rain, hoof trimming, Lady settling in

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We got some much-needed rain over the weekend. That always softens up the mustang’s hard hooves, so I take advantage and do some hoof trimming.

Lady is doing well, considering her advanced age and the turmoil she has gone through in the past few weeks. Her owner died, then family dumped her at our local shelter, where she was for 9 days before we took her in. We are slowly cleaning her teeth and treating her gingivitis, and she is on antibiotics as her infected mouth had affected her nasal passages and she sneezes a lot. She is also on supplements and low allergy food.
What frustrates and angers me, is finding out she regularly saw one of the local vets. They vaccinated her yearly (unneeded and unsafe for an older dog) yet they neglected to have her former owner address her infected mouth and tartar. Most vaccines are good for 7 years to life and no old dog should be getting vaccinated, except where required by law to have rabies vaccinations. We would do titers to avoid rabies, but Az. has no vaccine waivers.

Our weather is beautiful and the lilac bush is already growing leaves.

Here is a video of Carson trying to get friendly with Lady

Lady after 4 days here

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