April 6 th


Helping Others

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We feel that our own animals are very important and work tirelessly to care for them. However, we always see the big picture and spend hours a day networking other animals in need. We are also able to use our 501(c)3 status to “pull” animals from shelters across the country and place them into loving foster and permanent homes. Some shelters insist that a “rescue” be involved in the adoption of certain animals. Many shelters will waive adoption fees if a rescue steps in and is involved. Since I spend about 8 hours a day online- on Facebook and receiving & sending emails, I have met and gotten to know many wonderful people involved in animal rescue.

This week, we pulled a sweet dog in Texas and Kris Scally picked her up and is fostering her. Dayse Mae was about to die just 2 days ago, now she is one happy girl!

Dayse Mae making her jailbreak!

JERAS is proud to work with other responsible members of the animal rescue community. Thank you, Kris!

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