April 14 th


Lyme disease in dogs and unexplained aggression

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We adopted Patty from Texas in Dec. 2010. She had a history of aggression, anxiety and running away.

Patty’s temperament had improved greatly on thyroid meds, but she still had outbursts of aggression. After 3 weeks on doxycycline, she is a different dog, confirming my suspicion of Lyme disease.


From the above link:

“….a thorough search of the Internet turned up a number of studies and anecdotal observations indicating that in some dogs (and in some humans) the primary symptom of their Lyme Disease can be sudden, irrational and serious aggression. Well, we’ve known for a while to check the thyroid levels of dogs that show aggression that just “doesn’t fit”. Now we have added testing for Lyme as well. And we have – results not yet in – another dog that we placed over a year ago who has been returned because of out-of-the-blue aggression and he has also tested high positive for Lyme! We’ve started treatment and will be monitoring his response….So plug this in to your protocols….”

Patty- poster dog for veterinary incompetence and malpractice

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