May 29 th


Another Canine Thyroid Story

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In her wonderful new book, The Canine Thyroid Epidemic, Dr. W.Jean Dodds says that some dogs who test in the “low normal” range  may still be helped by low to moderate thyroid supplementation if they are having health or behavioral problems. If a modest dosage improves their life, why not use it?

Two of the JERAS  dogs have had this proven to be true for them. Missy arrived in September, 3 years old, post-partum, unspayed and with a uterine infection.She tested low normal thyroid and we addressed the other issues. Still, Missy was moody, acted unhappy and was getting chubby on a mere 2 cups of food a day (she weighs 60#). We tried her on .2 mg Soloxine twice a day and she has really perked up and is much happier. We will get her tested again to see if that is enough thyroid replacement or whether she needs more.

Shyla arrived in December, approximately 2 years old, and has had somewhat erratic behavior from the start. She tested low normal thyroid. She can be fearful for no apparent reason and was constantly badgering a few of the other females. She seemed to have ADD. She also wanted to fight with Bear through the fence. She had chronic rashes on her abdomen, despite being on high quality food. We started her on .2 mg Soloxine twice a day two days ago.  Within several hours of the first dose, she was relaxed and stopped pestering the other dogs. She is no longer acting fearful and her skin is healing up. We will get her retested in about 2 months, also.

Please read this important book.

Missy & Shyla

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