May 17 th


Chester’s new life

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Chester is a beautiful German Shepherd that many of us had been networking, as he was scheduled to die at the end of this week. Our Vice President, Bonnie, saw his picture and fell in love.

Chester was pulled from Harbor shelter yesterday and caught a ride with a great transporter ( Kat, daughter of David Rapp < and arrived at Bonnie’s home in NW Az. after midnight. He slept quietly next to her bed. This morning, she spent > an hour brushing out tons of undercoat. Then, she loaded him up for the 40 mile trip to Kingman for a checkup. They came the “back” way and I was able to meet them for a few minutes. Chester was afraid of the noise going over the cattle guards, but was pretty good otherwise. He is HUGE! He is also fairly calm and very intelligent-looking. Bonnie said he wants to chase anything that moves, but feels he will be OK once he gets better acquainted with the cats.

His history was this- he accidentally bit someone during a dog fight in February and was surrendered by the previous owner and quarantined. Harbor shelter gave him all his vaccs, dewormed him and microchipped him. He was already neutered.

So, it looks good for him. Bonnie is thrilled and I am happy she has a dog again.

Congrats to Bonnie and Chester!

Bonnie and Chester

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