May 13 th


Nevada Wild Horse Bill-Today is critical!

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Nevada Resident’s Call to Action


We are asking all available wild horse advocates to attend this hearing. DON’T LET NEVADA LEGISLATORS DO THIS TO THE HORSES. AB 329 will be heard on Friday May 13 . The Senate committee on Natural Resources meets in room 2144 in the legislative building. NOTE: The normal meeting time for this committee is 3:30. However, this meeting is to begin upon adjournment of a different committee meeting, but no later than 3:30. We suggest we arrive at the legislative building no later than 2:00. You need time to park and get to the hearing room. The address and parking instructions are at the bottom of this message.

If passed, this bill could be very dangerous for our wild horses. AB329 amends NRS Chapter 532 , laws regulating the determination of water rights within Nevada.

Section 1. Chapter 532 of NRS is hereby amended by adding there to a new section to read as follows:

As used in this title, unless the context otherwise requires, “wildlife” means any wild mammal, wild bird, fish, reptile, amphibian, mollusk or crustacean found naturally in a wild state, whether indigenous to Nevada or not and whether raised in captivity or not. The term does not include any wild horse or burro .

“Spread word, like the wind, with great passion, to all you know State of NV threatens, to pass a bill denying wild horses/burros rights to access drinking water. Boycott NV tourism, until NV stands up and shuts this cruel outrageous bill down.”

Phone numbers to call to let NV know you will not be visiting their beautiful state, until AB 329, that would deny wild horses/burros water, is shut down.

‎(1-800-237-0774). 775-687-4322. 702-486-2426. (that IS a phone number – 1-800-NEVEDA-8)

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  1. Joy Holman says:

    Please stop this cruetly to those beautiful and magnificent animals. They have a right to life on this free land and have everything like water and food and freedom. If that was your own horse or even your children wouldn’t want the same for them, freedom, water, food and to be left to live life as free as these horses. What is wrong with you people in Neveda. Have a heart.

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    If this law passes, it will weigh on the conscience of all of us. Many people are already boycotting Nevada as a warning…to take away water in a desert environment, is nothing less than murder.

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