May 23 rd


Tessie update

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I built Tessie a bigger pen Saturday. Her temp. was 104.3 in the evening and she has much more than just “kennel cough.  We are praying it is not distemper.It my be early stage of pneumonia, as she is coughing up mucous, but we seem to have caught it early and the meds seem to be working. She is on Keflex, guafenisin and supplements. This morning, she did not look well, and was wheezing, but rallied after her meds kicked in. At noon, she seemed better and was eating.

Tessie in her new isolation pen

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  1. Carol Trefcer says:

    Hello…hope Tessie is doing better tonite…let us know…

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, she was much better tonight. The antibiotics must be doing the trick. Please check out the WAHS site- new dogs added today. Thank you!

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