June 4 th


Chester’s new home/Carson’s Anniversary

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Our Vice President, Bonnie, rescued Chester several weeks ago. He had been in an L.A. shelter 3 months and was out of time. He is 6 years old and we had no history on him. It turns out he is very well-behaved, although he apparently had no  former training. Since he is a whopping 92 pounds, Bonnie had to teach him some leash manners right away.  He is just beginning to feel well enough and secure enough to play and is learning to enjoy treats and chews. They walk several miles a day and Chester gets very excited when he sees birds and bunnies. Bonnie says he is her shadow.


One year ago today, Carson had just been rescued from the shelter in California. He was emaciated (42 pounds), had a severe lung infection, fractured carpus (wrist), yeast and bacterial skin infections, and was low thyroid. It took a long tome to clean up the infections and  his adrenal function was also diminishing. He is now on both adrenal and thyroid hormones and has gained 15 pounds. He wore a splint for 6 weeks and his leg healed nicely. He is the most enthusiastic dog I have ever known and is a testimony to the incredible ability an animal has to recover and thrive. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Carson!

Carson May 2010 and January 2011

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