June 20 th


HAY FUNDS desperately needed

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Hi, Everyone! We had a great hay funds drive 3 months ago, but those funds are now gone.
Hay has gone from $10 to $15 a bale since last year. Despite almost 3,000 Facebook fans and my thousands of contacts, the funding we need is not coming in on a regular basis. We have gotten 2 small grants which cover half the dog food, but feeding 7 mustangs and 2 burros is a much more daunting task.I detest sending out these pleas for help, and I don’t like the fact that assistance usually comes from the same core group of people who support us. Please help in any way you can- donate, or just share our needs and our website. My goal is to broaden our base of support and make it unnecessary  to send out messages like this.
Thank you,


Windy and René

Jovita & Serena

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