June 25 th



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Marcus is an 8 pound chihuahua/dachshund mix and was at the local shelter 7 weeks. I networked him like crazy and said JERAS would be “last resort”. Last Tuesday, we got the call that his time was up.

I picked him up and he has been here 4 days. He is a GEM! He is very lively, likes other dogs, housebroken, uses doggie door, has only barked once and is incredibly happy. He is sharing Bear’s yard and  Bear’s corner of the kitchen, as I do not trust Carson with such a tiny, male dog.

I am completely in love with Marcus, but he is very young and deserves a great home where he will get more attention. We just got word from another Az. rescue group that they will take him and place him. I think I have found someone who can get him to Phoenix this week. We will miss him, but I know he will have a great new life.



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