June 17 th


Rainy and Bear, budding romance!

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Bear, being part Chow, is not especially sociable with other dogs. He did enjoy playing with Jamuki, our basenji, but we sadly lost Jamuki to untreatable seizures in 2009. Since  February, Bear has had his own yard, since he & Carson do not get along anymore.

Lately, Raindance has been wanting to spend hours every day with Bear. At first, he jealously guarded his bones when she was in his yard with him and he treated her with indifference. But, over the past few days, Rainy has been using her charms to win him over. This evening, they were racing after each other and wrestling. Bear had the biggest smile I have seen on his face in a long time. I am so glad to see him this way, finally bonding to another dog after 2 years.

Rainy & Bear

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