July 25 th


Another local dog saved. Woo hoo Rosy!

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I try to network our local shelter animals, besides all the hundreds I see on Facebook or get via emails. Last week, I saw a beautiful German Shepherd on our local, high-kill shelter Petfinder site. I emailed her to my contacts and then one friend, Nicole, made a big effort to get Rosy noticed on Facebook.

On Saturday, I called the shelter and was told her time was almost up. Then, Luanne of Az. Connection German Shepherd Rescue offered to take Rosy. Our local friend, Billie,  picked Rosy up on Monday. On Tuesday, before taking Rosy to meet Luanne, Billie decided to have her vet examine her. It ends up, the vet knew of a retired woman who just lost her GSD. On top of that, this person was an AKC German Shepherd judge! Well, she fell in love with Rosy and took her home. That leaves Luanne free to take in another rescue.

JERAS is hugely appreciative of our friends in the world of animal rescue. They truly make the world a better place! Thank you!

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