July 19 th


Oh, That Carson!

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Every once in awhile, Carson becomes enamored with one of the girls and spends many hours courting her. He is very polite, but cannot refrain from whining,  cleaning her ears and being a general pest. Several days ago, he fell in love with Rainy (again). When she gets tired of all the attention, she asks to be let out into Bear’s yard and Bear’s part of the house. Since Bear and Carson don’t get along,  we had to divide their living areas.

Once out with Bear, Rainy lavishes a lot of attention on him, which makes Carson even more jealous and intensifies his interest in her when she returns to his side of the house and yard. Oy vey!


Carson singing for his breakfast

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  1. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    yes, and you should see that Mona Lisa smile on her face!

  2. Sue Steiner says:

    Rainy’s got those boys right where she wants ’em! Atta girl!!! LOL!

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