July 15 th


Rene’ gets a makeover & Patty chases a real live bunny

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I caught up Rene’ today and went to work on her mane. Since she is a “curly”, her mane cords very easily and she ends up with dreadlocks. The fact she enjoys a daily hosing off and roll in the dirt adds to the mess. After soaking her mane well with Show Sheen, I was able to comb it out. I then did her tail and gave her hooves a little trim.

Rene'- once a wild mustang, then used in the cruel "sport" of horse tripping

I decided I could trust Patty off lead today and she was very good, staying within 200 feet of me. She then jumped a jackrabbit and had a rollicking run around the house in a big circle for about 5 minutes, until the rabbit eluded her and she was ready to come home for a drink of water. She was very pleased with herself.


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