August 28 th


Weekend news/dog saved/new antimicrobial

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Path Away- We received samples of an incredible, new disinfectant/antimicrobial  that can be used on surfaces or skin to kill bacteria, yeasts and viruses. It is all botanical and very potent. I had an infected wound myself and it cleared up the infection almost overnight. It is also non-toxic and did not bother me in the least. If you order & mention JERAS, we get $2 per bottle. We are also trying it out on a few stubborn hoof infections. It is called Path-Away.
I have been soaking and trimming hooves all weekend. We have had temps over 100 degrees, so it really is a workout!
Flash seems happy and is becoming very friendly towards me. He loves being hosed off. He seems to have  gained some weight. His thrush is virtually gone, meaning it was not a long standing, deep hoof infection. I will continue trimming (backing up) his long toes and, little by little, he will develop more normal hoof form.
I was “tagged” on a dog in a Los Angeles shelter on Facebook. She is a nice Doberman. I took a few minutes to download the pic and info, and emailed it to my Az, Doberman rescue contact, Sidney (Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue). Well, great news! She said they had room, so I went back to the Fb thread and by the end of the day, arrangements to pull and transport her were being worked out by the great dog rescuers on Facebook. It is a real joy to work with people like this in the world of animal rescue.
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  1. Shauna says:

    Let me know how that Path Away does on those hoofs!

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Will do. I really worked on my cut “hoof”. lol

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