August 25 th


August 25, 2011 Newsletter

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Thank you so much to all out friends and supporters!

We have become an affiliate with several companies and you can help us by ordering their products through us. Please see out webpage.

Included are 1(800)PetMeds,, Zeolite Pure, and Dogs Naturally magazine.

We also have beautiful greeting cards available.

We are also about to become an affiliate with Jeffers Pet/Equine/Livestock , where we get much of our supplies and treats.

It has been very hot here, even at our 3800 foot elevation. Flash, the new mustang, arrived a week ago. We are working on getting a little weight on him and rehabbing his hooves, which, like so many horses, were overgrown and neglected for probably years. A certified natural trimmer, Kenny Williams and his wife, Lisa, have been coaching me via email on my trimming. I began doing natural hoof trims 12 years ago, but it is an emerging science and there is always much more to learn. He also has bad fly allergies and living here will help him, as we have very few flies.

Flash was somewhat aggressive when I put him out with Raven & Rene’, so I had to put him with the burros on the 2 acres to the north, leaving the 6 other horses on the 3 acre enclosure to the south. For now, everyone is happy with the arrangement and it allows me to feed Flash extra hay.

Our friend and board member, Shauna Davis and her husband, Frank, just bought a video camera for JERAS so we will be able to take quality video with sound. Up until now, all we had was an old digital camera. Much thanks to them!

These are probably the last silent, fuzzy silent videos you will see! These are videos of the horses getting pretty wild when Flash was first turned out.

Our friend Sue Steiner just sold a lovely horse painting and is donating 50% to JERAS. Thank you, Sue Steiner and Save A Face Project Helping Rescues.

Wilbur is spending lots of time taking mud baths. The dogs all hang out under the A/C and the horses all stand in line to be hosed off when I go down to feed them lunch. We are all looking forward to cooler weather.


Cathy & the Gang

Flash, Raven & Rene’

50% of sale goes to JERAS if bought by Aug. 15th

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