August 18 th


Flash Travels Tonight, still needs transport funds

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Flash is just leaving Ca. now to come to his new home. If you would like to help, here is his Chipin

Flash after a few months with Soso

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  1. Sassie ~ Nashville ~ and ~ Sharon says:

    WOW…handsome fella, Cathy. If he’s rideable, I want pics of you on him ~ ~ bareback ~ ~ !! Seems I’ve seen a pic of you on Tatonka [RIP] bareback ?! Sent $100 for Flash’s ‘move’ ~ get A bail of hay for him with the rest. With this drought, hay is impossible to locate; have to go out-of-state, unless, you just don’t care WHAT you feed your horses. There’s plenty of overpriced CRAP everywhere, that’s for sure !! Lots of Love and Many Hugs to You and the ‘Gang’!
    ♥ Sassie ~ Nashville ~ Sharon ♥

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Nope! With my titanium spine, I need a seatbelt! lol. I can only photograph myself, can’t be around others with this MCS. Thank you for helping Flash! Decent grass hay here is $15 for 100# bale now.

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