August 16 th


Good doggie news/Flash the mustang update

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Imjin, the jindo mix who was about to die in a Ca. shelter 2 months ago, found his forever family in New Mexico. We had coordinated his rescue after seeing his very sad video on Facebook. Generous donors gave a total of $600, which covered his fees, boarding, transport to his foster home in New Mexico and full vetting. A group of concerned people came together to make it happen. Donna Leshne fostered and trained him for 2 months and we are most grateful to her.

We got this update on the dog we saved last week from the local shelter. She was adopted by a GSHP family due to our networking  and was spayed yesterday. They will place her in a permanent home.

Hi Cathy – went over last night to see the German Short Hair Pointer that was rescued.  She is beautiful, very sweet, and a pure-bred.  She was sooooo thin – her little hip bones are showing.  The people who rescued her are taking excellent care of her.  She was laying in a soft bed and out of it due to the spaying.  The people are going to get some meat on her little bones, and they have a possible adopter from California in the wings.


Maple, saved at the last minute

Flash will finally be traveling here Thursday or Friday from California. He is the little mustang Soso Whaley saved last February. Due to his small size and the sorry state of the horse industry, no one offered to buy him and Soso could not keep him indefinitely.

Flash soon after rescue by Soso- March 2011

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