August 15 th


Horse news from JERAS

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We are still waiting to hear from the transporter re: bringing Flash. It should be any day now. I have a 30 X 40 foot pen with part of the shelter available set up for him. That way, he can settle in while we see how he gets along with the others. I spent three hours wresting with fence panels yesterday. When I had my spinal fusion 20 years ago, I was told to limit my lifting to 10#……yeah, right!
Rene’ scratched her cornea an I am putting in eye ointment 3 X a day. She is getting easier to catch. Thank goodness it was not Windy that it happened to.
I had to do a mini tooth float on Rene’. She had really sharp edges and her cheeks were lacerated. She is chewing better and is more comfortable now.Our friend, an equine dentist and vet tech,  will be coming over soon to check and treat all the mouths.
Lisa Ross-William’s husband, Kenny Williams, is coming soon to trim a few horses and evaluate my trimming and give advice. I got some sedative from the vet so we can handle Windy. She is very fearful of being haltered and will bite, strike & cow kick. Rene’ has gotten over a lot of her fear, but Windy was just too abused in the past. She is not afraid of me, as long as I am not trying to catch & restrain her.
Windy and Rene’ were captured together as yearlings and spent 6 years together with the same (apparently) abusive owner. When they were bought (rescued) from the kill buyer in Dec. 2009, he said they had been used in Mexican rodeo as tripping horses.



I keep calling Raven “Shiloh”. It is just the name that comes off my lips without thinking. Shiloh was a Morgan I had for 15 years. He died in 2000. Makes me wonder about the possibility of reincarnation.


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