August 6 th


What will $1 buy?

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We are struggling to bring in the $1500 or so a month needed to care for 21 unwanted, abandoned,  abused and, for the most part,  un-adoptable animals. I work alone, am disabled and, besides caring for these animals, spend many hours a day networking, advocating and helping others. We have added a $1 a month donation option to our donation page. Please help me continue to provide a home for these animals, many of whom would be dead now had they not come here.

What can you buy for $1? Probably not much, but this is what it means to us:


a pound of premium dog food-  feed a dog for 2 days

10 rawhide chips- chewing enjoyment and healthier teeth for 10 dogs

one real bone- an hour of chewing and dental-cleaning for a dog

one day’s worth of thyroid medication for 9 dogs

one day’s worth of canned food to add to the kibble

6 pounds of  hay- a meal for one horse or 2 burros

4  pounds of hay pellets- the amt. I soak daily on order to give the horses & burros their vitamin/mineral supplement

one  day’s worth of vitamins/minerals for the equines

one day of psyllium for a horse to prevent sand colic (they get it 5 days a month)

two day’s worth of pet pig food for Wilbur

two day’s worth of hay pellets for Rambeau

So, one dollar means a lot to us and would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Carson May 2010 and January 2011

Windy and René

Carson and his admirers the other day
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