September 5 th


Flash, the not-so “quiet” mustang

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The people who owned Flash in 2009-2010 said he was lazy under saddle. Our friend who had him for a few months said he was very mellow, too…

I think part of his problem was improperly trimmed hooves which result in pain. I even read an article that stated that a horse in chronic pain becomes “doped up” with their own endorphins.

After 2 weeks here, I have trimmed his feet 3x and they are much better. He has also gained about 50 # and is on a vitamin-mineral supplement, and milk thistle and zeolite to detoxify him.

Tonight, when I put his hay out, instead of eating, he noticed 2 riders about 1/2 mile away. He proceeded to go flying around his 2 acre enclosure, head and tail up, for about 20 minutes…

I am glad I ordered a padded, protective riding vest for myself today….just in case!

Flash 8/30/11

Flash, Raven & Rene'

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