September 24 th


JERAS Daily Diary Sept. 24

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Carson pulled through another adrenal crisis last night and I increased his daily meds more. After the usual morning chores or caring for 21 animals, I let all the dogs except Carson and Patty out into the new yard, and took some video. I am in day 3 of a migraine and in worrying about Carson, I forgot my own adrenal meds this AM. I remembered them mid morning and they helped me a lot. I went through some emails and spent a little time on Facebook responding to messages, sharing petitions and commenting on a few threads- all involving animal rescue and animal issues. I sent a thank you to one of our monthly supporters whose donation came in today. I always include the latest news from JERAS. I started laundry and then went to soak some horses hooves. I took more video, imported it into the computer and uploaded it to Youtube.  By the time I soaked hooves, trimmed Flash’s back feet a little and changed all the water troughs, it was late morning, so I went ahead and fed the horses, burros, sheep and pig their lunch. Wilbur also got his mud bath and I hosed off the horses.

I hung my clothes on the line and asked Patty to please not eat them. I still have to fix the door she tore apart yesterday.

It is 12:30, I still have to cook and eat lunch and shower. Still have hundreds of emails to go through and more video to upload. My paperwork is poling up, as usual…I hope I can get to some of it later. Still have the dogs to feed and medicate later, other animals to feed tonight, some supplies to unpack. I still need to fix the door Patty tore up and add a latch to the gate I installed yesterday. By the time I get off the computer tonight, it will be about 11.  I am worried about Carson. Addison’s disease dogs are not supposed to get stressed. He is a highly anxious dog and there is no way I can change him. We even tried psyche meds and he got worse. So, I do my best and pray he has more time.

Dog video from today and yesterday:

Horses today- video:






"Fast Fence" electric mesh

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  1. Jeannie says:

    That was so sweet, they all look so healthy. I love watching the vid’s, keep em coming….xoxox

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    thank you!

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