September 25 th


JERAS Daily Diary Sept. 25/ coyote & rattler

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I am getting hammered by Lyme die-off from taking the microlactin (immune modulating supplement) but my heart pain is gone and I am not turning yellow, so I will persist. If I don’t do something to control the Lyme, I get more and more fatigue and then brain fog. Losing my mind is not an option around here, so I will put up with the flu symptoms, pain and neuropathy.

Today, I did all the AM chores- meds to 10 dogs, fed the horses, burros, sheep and pig, picked up dog doo…by the way, “poop patrol” is more challenging  now that I have an additional 1/4 acre to keep clean. In the sagebrush out there, it’s a real search effort. I fed the dogs and gave them rawhide. Carson feels better, but is still a bit weak since going through 2 adrenal crises in the past week. I upped his Florinef to 5 a day. That one med alone now costs $60 a month at this dosage. He is worth every cent if it keeps him alive.

I let Bear out loose (he stays within 400 feet of the house) so I could let Carson out into the new yard for about 10 minutes. Took some video.

I put the latch on the new gate and drove some fiberglass fence posts into the ground  to anchor down every other Fast Fence “push in” post. They only go in 6 inches and the sandy soil here does not hold really well, so I drove the extra posts in 2 feet and tied the 2 posts together.

I went down to check the horses and, much to my surprise, found a pretty big rattler under the hose bib at the shed…. OK, my first pet was a snake (at age 3). I love snakes…for the first 7 years here,  I carefully captured and moved ( to about 5 mies away) about 35 rattlers. Then, I found out that rattlers do not survive if taken out of home territory. Well, if it was just me and them, I would leave them be. However, we have had a horse, burro and 2 dogs bitten.

Patty 2 hours after Mohave rattler bite

Jovita almost died. The vet was out twice at a cost of $400. She then developed severe secondary inflammatory disease and was ill > 2 years. We tried everything, even homeopathy with a world-renowned vet. Finally, I tried Jernigan Neuro Antitox, which I use to detox Lyme toxins myself. It cured all her symptoms except for the head tilt.

Now, the conundrum… I follow my moral compass of live & let live, or do I kill an innocent creature to protect our animals..and possibly myself?  Remember, I am very immunocompromised and cannot be hospitalized due to severe MCS. I must treat my own injuries, even stapling my own arm up last year when Carson gave me a 2 inch gash.

I had to make the hard decision last year to protect these animals. I cannot ask the public to help support them and then allow them to be at risk when the risk can be somewhat avoided.  I do believe in Karma, and I am probably going to be reborn into many more lifetimes of illness for my crimes, but kill the snake I did.

I removed the head and put the rest of the snake where the coyotes would find it. They will eat rattlers. I tried to take a nap after lunch, but the dogs kept barking….they saw the coyote who was down there for hours stalking the dead snake. I finally went down and cut it up, so hopefully he will not be so scared of it.

No nap, Karma already hitting ….

We received $30 today from the sale of LaCroix shirts- greatly appreciated.

This has been a slow month for donations and we have had to spend a lot more than has come in. We did get $60 from sales of Darcy’s calendars yesterday- very much appreciated.

Please visit our affiliates page to see how you can save $, help us and find nice items and gifts.

It’s 4:30, dogs have been fed and are sleeping. Maybe I will get a 30 minute nap before attacking paperwork and getting back online. Then, evening feeding and chores….

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  1. Jeannie says:

    Did you cut up the snake???????

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Yes, and he ate it!

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