September 26 th


JERAS Daily Diary Sept. 26

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Today, I did all the AM chores- meds to 10 dogs, fed the horses, burros, sheep and pig, picked up dog doo..fed dogs and gave them rawhide…had breakfast. I played tug of war with Missy. I let Bear out and then let Carson and everyone else except Patty out into the new yard. Patty is on restricted exercise due to injuring her stifle a week ago. She acts fine, but I am not taking chances of re-injury. Carson wants back in the house after 10 minutes. The rest stayed out there for a few hours.

I got out the power driver to fix the laundry closet door Patty tore up. I took all the blankets off the dog cots and got the wash started while I worked on the door. I also drilled a hole through the wall for the cord to the new little fence charger to go through. I made a cover for the charger out of a plastic jug and screwed that to the outside wall, so the charger is under the roof overhang and enclosed- safe from what little rain we get. I washed Patty’s bed cover by hand. When the blankets were dry, I pinned them back on all the cots. I put all the tools away.

By then, it was late AM, still had not turned on the computer. I called in an order for some supplements….this is a HUGE bit of news for Shyla and myself: I have Crohn’s and other GI disease caused by the Lyme bacteria. I used to do pretty well on almost constant antibiotics, but then my immune system got over stimulated and I could not take them anymore. My “gut” has gotten progressively worse for 7 years now. I take tons of probiotics, eat a gluten, dairy and sugar-free diet and mostly organic food, too. The microlactin I started taking about 10 days ago seems to have stimulated my immune system, but without causing it to go out of control. It is an immune modulator. For some reason, I decided to try saccharomyces bouldardii, a beneficial yeast. I had taken it 15 years ago and had no improvement. Well, I started 2 nights ago. Yesterday, I had a huge “gut” headache and knew some bad stuff was dying off. I had wild dreams last night.Today, I feel much better than I have in ages…. Shyla came last December and has been anxious and always badgers the other dogs. She was borderline low thyroid and improved a little on low dose thyroxine. I have detoxed her and she is on supplements. She was on a trial of psyche meds which only helped a little. She has had a chronic abdominal rash which I assumed was from food or other allergies or gut problems. She has taken herbs and probiotics, tried different diets. The rash and anxiety/annoying behavior was getting worse. I gave her one capsule of  saccharomyces bouldardii last night and, I kid you not, today she is a different dog. She was playing nicely and is calm and relaxed,

I urge everyone to go read about it in Wikipdeia. Almost all immune system problems arise in the gut. The gut and brain are closely tied and much “mental” illness is really gut problems poisoning the brain and altering brain chemistry. I got our saccharomyces bouldardii from Swanson – $5 for 30 capsules.

…I fed the horses, burros, sheep and pig their lunch. I booted all 4 of Raven’s feet and mixed up Oxine to soak them for 20 minutes. I changed the water tubs and started soaking pellets for tonight. I then gave Raven a mini trim on all 4 feet and dusted them with antifungal/bacteriocidal powder (wound powder).

Lunch was late as usual…I got on the computer while I ate and responded to messages and threads on Facebook. There are still tons of emails to address later. I have some migraine-y stuff going on from the power tools, even though I wore my ear protection. It is 3PM and time to feed the dogs and take a shower.

Carson is feeling much better on increased adrenal meds  and that makes me VERY happy. He is old and has a lot of health challenges, but I want him here as long as possible, because he really enjoys life.

I will try to get a short nap, then back to the computer and then evening chores.

I think things are looking up! Now that I have the extra projects done here, I can concentrate on our winter  hay funds drive. We need ~$3500 to  get from late October through March. I think we will give all the people who donate through the Stay Classy link a chance to receive some artwork and collectibles. You cannot have “raffles” online, but we can randomly pick  some donors to send thank you gifts to. So, from now until the end of October, we will be having our campaign. As part of this event, you can create a personal fundraising page and raise money for the cause.


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  1. Shauna says:

    Wow!!!! Good news about the saccharomyces bouldardii!! Gonna look that one up. Cathy I am so glad also to hear that Carson is feeling better. I just can’t believe your day..makes me tired reading it!!

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    I’m really behind…still have dozens of emails….I put all the dogs on a little SB and all the puppy poopers looked better today…I am, you know, the poop expert! Thank you! Go to Wiki and look it up….

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