September 30 th


JERAS Daily Diary Sept. 29

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First of all, please  watch this James Kleinert video about the BLM roundup in Colorado.

I am getting way too much Lyme die-off from the microlactin, so I reduced the amt. I am taking. I feel like I have been run over by a herd of wild horses.

Today, I did all the AM chores- meds to 10 dogs, fed the horses, burros, sheep and pig, picked up dog doo..fed dogs and gave them rawhide, vacuumed the house, had breakfast. I let Bear out and then let Carson and everyone else  who wanted to go out into the new yard. Patty and Maggie stayed in the house. Carson lasts 10 minutes and wants in. The rest enjoyed digging and looking for lizards for a few hours. I got a call from our friend Carol in California, who happens to be the one who donated this great Mac laptop two years ago. I had been unable to find a computer I tolerated with my chemical sensitivities but this is all metal and glass and did not outgas chemicals. I did a load of laundry and hung it on the line. I watered the trees.

Because I was feeling “run out of gas”, I spent the rest of the morning on the computer, networking animals on Facebook and sharing petitions and other advocacy info. I posted out our hay funds drive plea and did a blog here with some of the art we will give to some lucky donors. Of course, we are the lucky ones to get the donations.

I did the noon feeding, hosed off the 4 horses who wanted to get wet and made a mud hole for Wilbur to wallow in. I got hay pellets soaking for the PM feeding. Had a late lunch, fed the dogs at 4, took a shower and a 30 minute nap. I watched the video (link above) about the BLM and their disregard for the law.

Carson is now down to 5 Florinef and 10 mg. of pred a day and I think he will need to stay on the pred at this dose, because he crashed last week while taking 5 mg. According to Merck, that would be the upper range normal dose and he is much more of a high stress dog than most dogs are. He does not have polydipsia/polyuria, so that is good. He is such a lover of life, I want to keep him around as long as possible.

Carson singing for his breakfast

This evening, I did the PM feeding, tweaked my back, gave the dogs their thyroid meds and then played fetch with Mocha, Shyla and Missy. I washed the dog dishes, cooked & ate and still have to wash my dishes and put my laundry away. I have to get back to emails and Facebook, too. I am playing some Bon Jovi to give myself some energy…sometimes, it’s the only cure!

There is a man in Idaho threatening to sell his herd of Spanish-blooded horses to slaughter if he does not find buyers by December and, every day on Facebook, I see the faces of dogs and cats who died because they had lost their homes and no  one would take them in. There is a real lack of responsibility plaguing some Americans and innocent animals pay the ultimate price. I had hoped things would be better by the time I got this old, but sometimes is actually seems worse. I am thankful for the people who care for their own animals and for all animals. I am thankful for the people who are allowing JERAS to survive and who let me have the resources needed to care for our 21 rescued animals. Sometimes, that is all that keeps me sane.

Missy and Raindance



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