September 16 th


JERAS hay delivery/hoof soaking & trimming

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Today, we got our large animal feed delivery which comes every 6 weeks. Included is 66 bales of bermuda grass hay, hay pellets, pet pig food and chicken scratch- for the wild birds. Total cost $1150.00. 66 bales is just over 3 tons. Unfortunately, due to hay exports to foreign countries and the fact that hay is not a government subsidized crop, the price of hay has doubled since 6 years ago.

I also trimmed Scout, Kola and Rene’s front feet. After the hay was stacked, I wrestled with 4 heavy tarps in a gusty wind to get it covered and tied down . I got quite a 4 hour workout this morning!

I took some video, including video of Scout soaking his hooves and info on treating hoof infections and Scout’s prior history.

66 bales of bermuda

MANY THANKS TO OUR SUPPORTERS! This used up the last of the last hay drive money, so we will be trying to raise enough to cover our fall and winter hay needs. You can help us by sharing this link:


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  1. Jeannie Parisi says:

    Hi Catherine~
    I so enjoyed the video!!!!! The educational side and the insight as to what is involved with the upkeep and care of your rescues and ofcourse seeing all the beautiful, horses and burro’s. Absolutely amazing, the increase in the hay cost and rediculous that our Gov’t does not subsidize it, especially in such a time of need and with the country in such a bad way, adding to people’s struggles and then affecting many not being able to afford to take care of their horses, what a mess!!!! Please keep posting more vid’s like this, it truly is so good for all to have an insight into your everyday, labor lof love, thanks…oxoxoxox

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Hi, Jeannie! Thank you so much! It is a labor of love, but very nice to be appreciated, too!

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