September 15 th


JERAS needs help!

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We seriously need our friends to help!

OUR FEED BILL ALONE is $1000. a month.This month, we also needed the equine dentist-$400, and monthly supplies and supplements. Our donations so far this month are $559. Most other sanctuaries have paid staff. I work alone, 16 hour days and do not get paid. PLEASE help in some way- donate, go to our affiliates page, share our website. If we do not get the funding we need, there is nowhere for these animals to go. Two dogs might be adoptable, 19 animals are not. Their very SURVIVAL depends on you.

Most of the animal sanctuaries you are familiar with have paid staff and also have volunteers. One very famous sanctuary actually houses 1500 animals and takes in 34 MILLION DOLLARS a year-  $23,000 per animal they care for.  That is more than our yearly total budget! JERAS needs  a mere  $1600 or so a month to care for all 21 animals, half of which are equines.

I am disabled, I already put in 16 hour days, including hours of backbreaking manual labor. I even do the hoof trimming and construction/repair jobs myself. I cannot do more. I am still paying off  the remaining $13,000 of my personal rescue debt from before we became a non-profit. There are 2 large Az. rescues about to close and dump >400 dogs and cats on the state. I get calls daily from people trying to give us horses and other animals. The animals of JERAS- all with physical and/or emotional/behavioral issues, have NOWHERE else to go. We do have a contract with a wild horse and burro sanctuary to take the equines when I die, but they will also be getting all my property (the ranch) and insurance in exchange for doing so.

If anyone has ideas to broaden our donor base, please let me know. If anyone can help us get more exposure, more website visits, grants,…anything…let me know. I just do not have any more hours in my day to devote to this. I already work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I am trying to sell pet food, I apply for grants, I have JERAS affiliated with pet care companies, I am available for holistic animal care  consults……………..


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