September 8 th


Morning chores

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Spent all morning soaking, trimming and treating feet- Flash, Kola and Scout. Kola and Scout arrived with deep seated hoof infections which we were unable to completely clear up. The Davis soaking boots and a few new hoof treatment solutions are working well now. This was Flash’s 4th trim since arriving 3 weeks ago. Brushed the wind knots out of Rene’, Raven and Scout’s manes….I also built Rambeau a shelter the other day and, today, I cut a 3 X 4 foot rubber mat to put on his sleeping platform with a hand saw…. Dumped and scrubbed water tubs & refilled them…… Still hot here and humid since it rained the other day. Feel like I lost 10 # this AM. lol. I wish someone would move closer so I could get some help……please……….pretty please…..   : )

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