October 2 nd


JERAS Daily Diary Oct. 2

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Busy morning. Walked with the dogs, soaked Flash’s hooves and did a bit of trimming, tried the Wintec saddle to see if it fit him..it does. Did all the watering and then noon feeding. Cleaned Wilbur’s pen. Then I gave Tara a bath, which she detests. She is out in the little yard drying off, it is warmer outside than in the house with the A/C. Took a few short video clips which I will add here later.  I cleaned and changed all the dog’s water buckets. I rinsed Bear and Missy off.

It’s almost 1 PM and I still need to have lunch. I just turned on the computer and 160 emails came in. Will add to this later.

Don’t forget to please share our hay funds drive. Thanks!

We need ~$3500 to  get from late October through March. We will give all the people who donate a chance to receive some artwork and collectibles. You cannot have “raffles” online, but we can randomly pick  some donors to send thank you gifts to. So, from now until the end of October, we will be having our campaign. As part of this event, you can create a personal fundraising page and raise money for the cause.

A Kiss for Raven by Susan Monty

Well, my Mac decided not to import the video and I will have to call Apple in the AM.

The horses were excited about something this evening, but I could not see what it was. The shampoo I used on Tara was donated and the bottle says “totally natural”, including the “apple essence”. Well, I think they lied. I can’t even get the smell off the gloves I used and nowTara is having to stay outside and is barking….I will be calling that company in the AM…

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