October 5 th


JERAS Daily Diary Oct. 4

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We have had a lot of rain on and off and the perfume residue on Tara is still making me very sick, so she cannot come inside. I am having to take prednisone to keep from having asthma attacks. I still have a headache that gets worse if I get anywhere near Tara. Today, I made room in the small storage shed for a ex pen and I had to cut a hole in the wall of the shed and install a doggie door so she could have a warm and dry place to sleep. All of that took up most of my morning. The company that makes the shampoo still has not supplied us with an MSDS so I have no idea what chemical we are dealing with.

I also went to Wiki and they say that essential oils should not be used on animals. The info I found on “apple essence” at another site said :

Isoamyl Valerate
Detailed information:
Chemistry name: “apple essence,” “apple oil,” isoamyl isovalerate, amyl valerianate, amyl valerate
R 36/38 – Irritating to skin and eyes.
S 02 – Keep out of the reach of children.
S 26 – In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
S 36/39 – Wear suitable clothing and eye/face protection.
Why would anyone put that in animal shampoo?
Our hay drive is off to a terribly slow start. A gal I met on Linkedin is hosting an event for us to try to help us out. Here is the link:
I am hoping it will warm up so Tara can be bathed again.I read that some essential oils take 18 months to degrade. I am still thinking that it may be a synthetic fragrance and they are mislabeling it.  A few more days of this and my head will blow up…
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