October 9 th


JERAS Daily Diary Oct.8

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This AM, after chores, I walked a mile with the dogs in the dog yard. I then set out to cross fence the yard to separate the dogs and discovered the hardware store had sent 5 foot posts and 6 foot fence, when I ordered 6 foot posts and 4 foot fence. I called and told the manager I had 2 dogs I had to separate from the old dogs to keep them safe and he ran out from town to trade materials, bringing me the right stuff. I drove 5 T posts, which set off my left elbow that has been painful for months (Lyme). I then ran 50 feet of fence and hammered in ground stakes to hold the bottom securely.

I ate a rice cake for lunch at 3 PM and fed all the dogs. Shyla and Liza were getting used to the idea of having their own yard. I then went to change Maggie’s bandage and was horrified to find purple bruising from her armpits to her groin. She really had been pummeled. The wounds looked better, though, and there was very little blood and serum on the bandage pad. I re-bandaged her, this time covering her entire barrel with padding and a light pressure wrap. Amazingly, she was trying to play with Carson tonight.


I did all the evening chores, took some video of Maggie, uploaded video and a few pics and it is now almost 9PM and I have not gotten to several hundred emails and Facebook notifications.

Two different people are coming to look at the parcel for sale tomorrow, so maybe our week from hell is going to go away….except….. I just got a new bottle of Show Sheen, which I use to detangle manes & tails, and also as a “safe” lubricant for hinges, padlocks and even coating gun barrels. It is pure liquid silicone. Well, I opened it last evening and, lo and behold, the “new” Show Sheen now has coat conditioners and FRAGRANCE. Recently, EMT Gel, which I loved for healing wounds, added fragrance, too. So, we have lost 2 essential items here. Synthetic fragrance is toxic. See this article from Animal Wellness magazine:



the "bad" girls in their own yard


Maggie 3 days after serious injuries

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