October 1 st


JERAS Daily Diary Sept. 30

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Today, I did all the AM chores- meds to 10 dogs, fed the horses, burros, sheep and pig, picked up dog doo..fed dogs and gave them rawhide, vacuumed the house, had breakfast. I let Bear out and then let Carson and everyone else into the new yard. I slipped and re-tweaked my back, plus my knees are killing me from Lyme Herx. I decided to get my walk there, so did 13 laps which equal a mile.

I stupidly decided to try the “ultrasound” option on my new water pik and it set off migraine aura and nausea. OK, now everything HURTS! LOL.

I washed some dog bedding and spent some time on the computer. Most of the dogs came in by late morning, it was 88 degrees and 40% humidity. We actually got a downpour later in the day.

At noon, I accidentally fed Wilbur with his pan under the hose. I went to turn on the water to make his mud bath, and when I got back to him, he was frantically trying to eat his pellets from the bottom of the pan that was filling with water..poor Wilbur.

I fed the horses and burros and went out to clean everyone’s feet and put hoof powder on the 4 who tend to have hoof infections return. I got pellets soaking for tonight.

I cooked lunch, had a shower and a 30 minute nap. Fed the dogs at 3 PM and spent the rest of the afternoon on Facebook and answering emails. I commented at a few horse-slaughter articles, posted health info re: animals, signed letters and petitions. I gave some animal care advice to a few people.

At 4:30, we got some rain and thunder. I gave Patty some flower essences to help keep her calm. I put the “Through a Dog’s Ear” CD on to help her, too. It is now 5:35 and I have dishes and floors to do, PM feeding and PM meds to give to the dogs and dog tooth brushing later tonight. Mocha and Shyla will also want to play fetch before dark. The days are getting shorter, but it is still hot here. It is pouring now.

I will post out our hay drive again and be back on the computer.

PS: had to feed in a drizzle with lightening all around. Kola, normally the most docile horse,  was galloping in circles and then got Flash excited and he was running, rearing and pawing at the sky. It was almost dark, so even if I had the camera, it would not have mattered.

If you want a real treat, watch these videos of Oregon wild horses enjoying life. My Fb friend Sonya took the videos this summer. She goes by “Mustang Meg”. Feel free to share, she wants people to help the wild horses. Photo my Sonya Malecky Spaziani.



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  1. Shauna says:

    Oh girl…I don’t know how you do it day in and day out.

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    I have no choice! LOL!

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