October 14 th


JERAS Diary Oct. 12 & 13/ Carson video

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Yesterday, Tara had a 4th bath and still has some chemical on her. I brought her in this AM and had a stiff neck and pain in my skull within 10 minutes. She will just have to stay out until whatever it is degrades over time. We are having crazily warm weather, dogs are panting and the horses want to be hosed off.

Every morning, all the dogs get time out in the big yard to play, I walk at least a mile doing laps and play with them, too. Maggie also had a bath yesterday and looks much better. Mocha and Shyla get to play fetch every day.

I sent out an email blast re: our hay drive and the gifts we will be giving to some randomly chosen  donors. Many thanks to our donors! We really, really appreciate you!

I took a video of Carson today.

Carson Rocking Out


The moon is still almost full and the dogs are having a howling match with the coyotes right now at 9 PM.

If I feel up to it, I hope to get on Flash tomorrow and see how he does. I have not been on a horse in about 16 months.


Flash several days after arriving at JERAS


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