October 17 th


JERAS Diary Oct. 16

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We are still having very warm weather for this late in the year. Scout, Rene’, Raven and Windy all lined up to be hosed off at noon feeding. I feel sorry for them in their winter coats.

I walked and played with all the dogs this morning in the big yard, then I let Missy and Shyla have it to themselves, while I walked Liza on a leash to keep her from interfering. They were dashing about, coursing each other, then playing tug of war with the rope toys. I regretted not having the video camera with me.

The Saccharomyces Boulardii I am taking is killing Lyme in my gut and I feel like I was run over by a train, but the show must go on. I was so buzzed from Lyme Herx last night I only slept 4 hours. My brain function is great, though. LOL. I am getting the last few things ready for the vet’s visit Tuesday. I spent an hour cleaning the big storage shed today and need to pull everything out to clean stuff because the mice found a way to get in at the corner of the door. I spent $4000 to have it built a the same time my house was being built in 2002 and they guaranteed it to be rodent proof. I had to seal all the channels in the siding where it meets the slab in 2003 because there was a large rodent invasion then. I detest shoddy workmanship and I really detest liars and cheats…

We have signed up with Dog House Parties to be one of the weekly rescues they spotlight, hopefully soon. We welcome any and all the help we can get, as finding enough funds to keep us caring for 21 animals is a constant challenge.

Dog House Parties




Everyone who has ordered  the JERAS La Croix shirts loves them. We are waiting for ours to arrive!


JERAS T shirt by LaCroixTees

The hay drive is going somewhat slowly and we have gotten about $1600 of the $3500 needed to feed 9 equines through winter. The gifts that randomly chosen donors will receive are valued at >$500.


We appreciate your donations and your sharing the info.

66 bales of bermuda, costing ~ $1000. and lasting us 6-7 weeks


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