November 20 th


A donation for Wilbur / Wilbur wants a sponsor

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Our VP, Bonnie, stopped by yesterday with a donation. She had found some nice, big, soft blankets at the thrift store for Wilbur’s house. He doesn’t have much hair and pigs like to burrow into their bedding when the weather is cold. He seemed very excited to see them.

Today, I went to move his house a little and he charged me, grinding his tusks….Apparently he thought I was stealing his blankets!

Wilbur is a very smart guy and will push his bedding out of the house to lie on it in the sun during the day. What is amazing, is that he then pushes it back into his house in the evening. If pigs were more dextrous and athletic, they would get more respect for their intelligence. Unfortunately, Nature did not give them agile bodies to go along with their large brains.…Pigs rank #4 in animal intelligence behind chimpanzees, dolphins and elephants.


If anyone wants to sponsor Wilbur and be his “virtual adopter”, he only costs $15 a month to feed. He would love to have a special person to call his own!

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