November 24 th


A new burro shelter/ JERAS Nov 23, 2011

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I spent 5 hours today building a shelter for the new burro area in progress. I only had to buy corrugated steel panels and lumber for the roof. The south has a partial wall, just to keep the rain out since our rain comes from the South. I used some old metal siding for that. Since they are short, the roof is only between 5 & 6 feet high. I should have worn an old riding helmet, because I whacked my head several times. I only have 5 more panels to put on in the morning.

Burro shelter in progress

My neighbor will be coming this weekend with his tractor to clear a new fence line and I will run electric fence next week as soon as the materials arrive. Then, the burros will have their own area. Pepito has been digging big holes and riding Rusty in the paddock is getting treacherous. Once I move the burros out, I will have to back fill a lot of holes.

Bear was digging under a yucca for hours, right next to where I was working. He was yanking the spears out with his teeth and getting very frustrated. He was after something which had burrowed under there, maybe a pack rat nest.

The remains of a once big yucca plant

Carson enjoyed napping in the sun.


We hope all our friends have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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