November 19 th


A second sponsor found for the abused burros!

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Dorothea Lotter in New Mexico has found someone to sponsor one of the rescued from slaughter pregnant burros and our wonderful friend and supporter Joyce Mitchell has offered to sponsor the other! This is wonderful news! Thank you!  We could not do this work without generous donors.

The two burros were once wild, became BLM “Sale Authority” animals, with no protection once sold, and fell into unfavorable situations. At least one girl is pregnant and they appear to have been used for roping practice- a horrible, heartless form of “entertainment” for some “men” who have yet to evolve…..

They are frightened and their hooves are terribly overgrown. As soon as they get trims and Coggins tested, they will be ready to travel. We look very forward to meeting them and beginning their rehab.

Burros in need of a sponsor

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