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Sanctuary News from JERAS, Nov.16, 2011

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Since arriving at the sanctuary in June 2010, Carson has always had low tolerance for the cold. His bare skin (and he is about 50% bare due to acanthosis nigricans) has always been cold to the touch. Since his liver enzymes were a bit elevated according to last month’s blood work, I decided to add another supplement to improve his well-being. He has been on 200 mg. of Swanson CoQ10 for a month and I just realized that his skin is now very warm to the touch and he is actually lying on the bare concrete floor a lot, instead of always seeking a warm bed. I myself take at least 400 mg. a day to combat the heart damage done by 40 years of Lyme disease.

I googled and found this article:

Coenzyme Q10 Remarkably Improves Circulation


Carson is also very playful lately, running and wrestling with the girls.

Carson, Nov. 2, 2011

The sun is out and I am doing dog laundry and am then off to clean horses’ hooves and trim Kola. This morning, she and Rusty were running and bucking before breakfast. The 3 burros gave them a wide berth.

Kola soon after arriving at the sanctuary in 2006

Last night, I made a second try at burning the DVD that did not turn out right, and was successful in producing one that would playback. Now I can send sanctuary video clips to my Dad in Colorado. When I get a chance, I will make a JERAS video that will introduce Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary and tell about the animals. It might be a good way to meet more supporters.

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