November 6 th


JERAS Diary Nov. 5, 2011

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Lots of rain last night, so I had to move and clean all the pallets for the new bermuda hay that Mike brought this afternoon. I also had to take the tarps which got wet last night, dry them out and cover the new hay. It is beautiful hay- big bales and very, very clean. I met his wife and 2 sons. The boys did a great job of stacking it. He also charged $1.25 less a bale than the feed store price and free delivery, so we have our new hay supplier for sure! I did tip the boys for their good work, though.

Took a little video of the dogs this morning. It’s almost 9 PM, I am exhausted and I have hundreds of emails to go through…or maybe I will just go to bed!



Sunset over the Cerbats

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