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A New Burro Arrives- JERAS News- Nov. 13, 2011

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I saw an ad posted for a free BLM burro and it turned our he belonged to a local friend who got him from someone else 6 months ago.He digs holes (all of our wild ones do- looking for roots to eat) and Mary’s husband has had multiple orthopedic surgeries and she feared he would fall in one of the holes. The person she got him from also did not want a digging burro.

Serena and Jovita are without a male companion, so we said we would take him in. The economy and hay prices are putting a lot of animals at risk. Giving one away , even to what looks like a “good” home, can be risky. BLM has hundreds, if not thousands, of burros warehoused already, with no adopters.

“Buckwheat” arrived this morning and he is already bonding with the girls. We are asking our Facebook friends for Spanish names and may have to have a re-naming contest!

We have had over a week of rainy, overcast weather. I took advantage of the dampness and cleaned the pig and sheep pen today, sans dust.
The dogs love it when the ground is wet, because they also love to dig. JERAS looks like a mine field!

Our new burro!


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