November 16 th


Sanctuary news/JERAS today, Nov. 15, 2011

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After morning sanctuary chores and exercising the dogs, I got Rusty out. I groomed him, tacked up and decided to try a ride around our 25 acres, instead of in the paddock. He really is responding well to the Bitless Bridle, but he was very spirited and I had to hold him back as we travelled through the sagebrush. A rabbit jumped out and Rusty stopped suddenly, but did not leap away. After about 15 minutes, he was getting too nervous, so I took him back to his 2 acre paddock and we rode a bit with Kola and the burros watching us. He was very calm there. He needs time to gain his confidence, so we will take it slowly. He is by no means “lazy” as one previous owner claimed. He must have had painful hooves for years, because now that he is trimmed properly and the infections are cleared up, he moves right out. One of our favorite hoof care sites is Pete Ramey’s- Infected hooves are painful hooves and many people do not seem to understand that, or perhaps they just do not care. Rusty seems happy to have his soaking boots put on and I really believe he appreciates the hoof care he has received since arriving at the sanctuary 3 months ago. I am pleased with the results from using the Oxine and citric acid for soaking.

Rusty, a sanctuary mustang


Pepito is doing great and is very smart. He has figured out the feeding schedule and manages to claim a feeder before the other burros do. He seems very content and the girls love him.



Jovita & Serena

Tonight, I am learning how to burn DVD’s on my Mac laptop. I made 2, one would play and one would not, so I am redoing it.

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