November 8 th


JERAS Sanctuary News Nov.8

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Today’s news from the sanctuary- Rusty seems OK today after a painful episode of colic yesterday. Since he had been feeling fine, then went down less than an hour after a tetanus vaccination, and since he recovered so quickly after 3 remedies- 2 which are homeopathic remedies for vaccine reactions, we are going to assume it was a vaccine reaction. I gave him more Jernigan Neuro Antitox and Ledum today.


Rusty, our newest sanctuary member

Winter weather is here and it takes me a few weeks to adjust. My lungs are acting up and my immune system is again killing more Lyme bacteria than I can handle, with increased toxins released…all my joints and muscles hurt a lot, but there is no more I can do for myself, so I limp along. It is preferable to being dead, so we must look on the bright side!

Carson hardly wants to take his coat off, even in the house. He feels cold whenever it is below 75 degrees.

Carson loves his coat

Bear, on the other hand, loves the cold, as does Tara the Siberian husky.


I have a lot more matted prints to get ready to send out to the hay donors whose names were drawn, so it’s time to get back to work!

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