December 7 th


HUGE JERAS news! Possible Pepsi Refresh Grant!

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We are in the running for a $10,000 Pepsi Refresh grant!

You can vote 5 times a day, through December. Pepsi pays out to 15th place and we are currently at 7th!  Please vote for us and share! We could fence another 6-10 acres, put up 2 more shelters and a hay storage shed, plus fill it with hay! Thank you!


Pepsi Refresh Grant to help more horses!

All the animals are well. The burros are enjoying their new area and I will finish fencing to give them several more acres in the next week.  We are looking forward to the 2 additional rescued-from-slaughter burros arriving soon from New Mexico.

Abused and almost sent to slaughter


Don’t forget, we are now affiliated with Benefit Wines.

Wine that benefits JERAS

Once again, we want to thank all our friends and supporters because you are the lifeblood of JERAS! It is true that I do all the physical work and animal care here, but without the funding & encouragement from you, I could not continue to do it.

                                                       THANK YOU!

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