December 19 th


Pepsi Refresh Contest/ fence for the burros

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We are thrilled to be running in 5th place in the $10,000 Pepsi Refresh ideas. They pay out to 15th place, so we are trying hard to stay in the running. Thank you to everyone who is voting, which you can do daily.

$10,000 would allow us to build a few shelters, fence in another 6-10 acres and put up a much-needed hay storage shed. We could then take in additional abused & abandoned horses & burros, and foster at risk equines until homes could be found for them. Please vote daily and you can also text in an additional vote. Thank you.

I have spent the past few days driving T posts and putting in step-in posts to fence in the new burro area. Tomorrow, I will do insulators and run the electric fence wire. This additional 700 feet of fence will add 2 acres to the burro enclosure.

With all the rain we have had, the 3 burros have spent a lot of time in the shelter I built for them. That makes me feel good to see my efforts are appreciated.

The 2 abused jennies should be coming from New Mexico soon. They apparently had been used for roping practice. One or both are pregnant. The rescue which asked us to give them a home said they once saw a poor jenny give birth right after being roped in the roping arena. How people can do this cruel sport and consider themselves “men” is beyond me. They are nothing but heartless, immature boys in my opinion.

abused burros

Susan Monty is working on a portrait of Rene’. She uses our mustangs as models to bring awareness to the plight of wild horses.

Another portrait of Rene' by Susan Monty, not quite finished




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