December 8 th


Pepsi Refresh & JERAS news December 7

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We are thrilled to be in the running for the Pepsi Refresh Grant!

We are in 7th place and they give grants to the top 15 !!!

Please vote several times a day and share. Please vote every day through December. Please cross post and ask your friends to help.

Getting this will fence more acreage and build shelters and a hay storage building.

I trimmed Kola’s hooves today and was busy with all the regular chores of caring for 22 animals, plus promoting our Pepsi Refresh idea on Facebook & via emails. I also called the White House numerous times to say I do not want horse slaughter back in our country. (202) 456-1111. Please call.

Here are a few new pics from today.  They won’t upload…. you can see them on Facebook.

Got to run…please keep voting!  Thank you!

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