December 16 th


Sanctuary news / Pepsi Refresh update

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Sorry I have not shared sanctuary news in the past few days.

What a past week. I lost two friends to cancer. One, Christine Jubic, I met on Facebook about a year and a half ago. She was an amazing warrior for animals, humans and the planet. She is terribly missed. Then, a high school friend who I became reconnected with last year sent me a message saying our mutual high school friend had lost her life to cancer, after beating it many times since her childhood. I regret that Lisa and I had not had the chance to connect; we had been close in school and I feel terrible that she only lived to be 57. I will never forget how we met each other in freshman year- in detention. LOL.

Lisa in 1972



The weather has either been rainy or cloudy, with “frozen fog” a few mornings. The days are short and I think I am having a bout with seasonal affective disorder. I just know that on Dec. 22, I will start to feel cheerier.

We are running in #5 place in the $10,000 Pepsi Refresh Project contest, which is good enough to qualify us for a grant if we can stay in the top 15 through December.

You can vote via internet daily and also text in an additional daily vote .

$10,000 would do us wonders- more fencing, a few shelters and a hay storage shed. Struggling with 4 huge tarps is getting to be too much for me. That, and hay is up to $17.75 a bale…it needs to be well-protected at these prices. THANK YOU for your daily votes!

3 of the sanctuary mustangs

I repaired the small back yard today, replacing shade cloth that Shyla had torn up. She in no longer allowed in that yard. The cloth covers the ground, giving me a clean, dust free area for doing laundry and bathing dogs (weather permitting).

Late in the afternoon, we had a feed delivery of $1432.00. 60 bales of grass hay, 4 sacks of dog food, horse minerals, 8 sacks of alfalfa cubes, 2 sacks of hay pellets, wild bird seed and pet pig food. All this will last us about 6 weeks for the equines and 3-4 weeks for the dogs. I am now feeding about 50 quail and 20 doves in the morning.

Dr. Viktor Reinhardt was very kind and sent 4 more copies of his new book, in which JERAS is featured with other sanctuaries.

Dr.Viktor Reinhardt's new book featuring Journey's End Ranch

Here is a little video of the dogs 2 days ago.

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