January 1 st


JERAS/Animal Sanctuary News, Jan. First

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We are doing the Happy Dance here at the animal sanctuary!

We are still in shock from finishing in the #5 spot for the $10,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant which means we are a finalist and get to proceed with the application process. WHAT A THRILL!

We cannot thank everyone enough! We are truly, truly blessed with great friends & supporters.

Our hope is to be able to put up a few shelters, fence another 6-10 acres and also put up a hay storage shed. Having to keep the hay under double tarps, and tied down against our sometimes 60 mph winds is physically difficult and time consuming.

We hear of horse and burros in need and at risk daily and hope that receiving a grant will allow us to assist in saving and rehabilitating additional animals.

Our weather is beautiful, all the JERAS animals are well and I am catching up on paperwork I neglected while dealing with the month of voting in Pepsi Refresh.


Here are 2 videos from the past few days.

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