January 6 th


“Knickers” needs horse transport

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We are seeking horse transport for Knickers. Soon joining us, a 28 year old Arab stallion who lived in a 10 X10 foot barbed wire pen for 10 years until rescued last summer. He is losing his foster home and was at risk of being put down, so we offered to give him a home…Sammie’s Friends will pay transport costs, but we need to find transport for him in the very near future. Grass Valley, Ca. to Kingman, Az. …contact us if you can help. jeranimalsanctuary@frontier.com put “Arab Stallion” in subject line please.

I just happened to go by the Rescues United page on Facebook the other night and read this story of horrific neglect of a large group of Arabian horses:

“Knickers – Arabian Stallion in an animal shelter in Grass Valley, CA – 28 years old in desperate need of rescue. They have two-weeks to find him a rescue/adopter. Knickers was pulled from deplorable conditions back in June. He spent well over 10 years of his life living in a dark, dingy barn in a tiny 10×10 barb-wired pen. The pen was never cleaned and the water and food supply was sparse at best. A Foster Care person pulled him and 11 other horses from the property, some were living in 5 feet of mud. They put wood shavings down and the horses were so hungry they started eating them. Knickers came to stay at the foster care’s mom’s house. They had the vet out, his teeth floated and his feet trimmed. He was thin but not nearly as skinny as the others. Knickers is a very gentle boy with people. Eventually, they had to place him in another foster home right up the road since they had two mares. Knickers did really well in his new foster home and is was living with a gelding in a big pasture. The reason we need to find a new place for Knickers is because the original foster owners are moving out of state and his current foster mom’s house is in foreclosure. They are worried that euthanasia might be the end result. They can bring him up to date on all necessary vaccines and transport. We just need to get him out of our shelter system as soon as possible. Please help they are desperate.”

He looks just like the little Arabian gelding I had for 24 years, who died of a stroke at age 31 in 2004. I could not bear to think this horse might die after being rescued, just because he is losing his foster home. Stallions are hard to place and require special handling. The  consensus is he is too old to geld safely. After all those years of neglect, he deserves to spend his final years in a safe, comfortable home.

Here is the place he came from.

Knickers' old home


Knickers on the road to recovery


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  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Yes, a very sad story, but he has had a good life since last summer & we hope he will have some happy years here, too.

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