January 10 th


Sanctuary news-exciting week ahead!

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JERAS has an exciting week ahead! I have been moving corral panels, installing new gates (the mustangs broke a few last year & I have been having to climb through the fence for a long time), driving in T posts  and running some additional electric fence to get ready for Knickers, the 29 year old stallion and the 2 formerly abused BLM burros who are joining us.

We found a great transporter for Knickers and they are doing it for gas only money. They are 5 star rated and have wonderful reviews. He will travel next week from Grass Valley, Ca.  Sammie’s Friends organization who rescued him from extreme neglect last year is covering the cost.

The 2 BLM burros who had been used for roping practice are coming from a donkey rescue in New Mexico who rescued 15 burros from a feedlot in November. Had they not done so, most would have ended up being used again for the despicable  practice of roping donkeys. One donkey they rescued in the past actually crosses her hind legs when she walks due to repeated roping injuries to her hind end. Dorothea, who runs the rescue, actually once saw a jenny give birth in the roping arena! How anyone could harm these gentle creatures and still consider themselves “men” is beyond me.

Longears  Safehouse rescue was finally able to tame these two enough to sedate them and have their overgrown feet trimmed and have the vet draw blood for Coggins tests and health certificates to travel into Az.

One is very pregnant and we were advised to keep these 2 in their own area for the safety of the coming foal. I fenced in a 50 by 90 foot area and split the burro shelter into 2 halves with a corral panel. Our current 3 will be able to visit with the new girls without the worry of anyone getting harmed while they settle in and after the baby is born. Eventually, all 6 (including baby) will have the entire 3 acres.

Here are current photos of them in New Mexico.

After my back surgery 20 years ago, I was given a lifting limit of 10 pounds and another doctor told me in 1987 that I had “worn my back out” by age 33. Well, I am pretty sore from driving T posts and moving panels with no help, but it was worth it to be able to offer a home to these 3 deserving animals. I am looking forwatd to meeting them and having them settle in at JERAS.

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