February 14 th


A great morning at the animal sanctuary

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It was a great morning at the animal sanctuary. We had rain last night, which we really needed. After exercising the dogs this AM, I went down to do some hoof trimming as the rain softens up their feet and makes it much easier. Knickers got his trim just a few weeks ago by a local farrier, but he had already grown some excess hoof wall and the traditional farrier trim is not the same as the “natural barefoot trim”that I do.

Now, Knickers has a history of not being easy to deal with and he was a bit of a challenge when I held him for the farrier. On top of that, I went to halter him 1/2 hour before his lunchtime, and he was not thrilled to see me with a rope & halter when he expected to eat. Even worse, I carry my trimming tools in the same sort of bucket I soak his pellets in… I decided to use a rope halter, which I prefer over the usual web halter with hardware & buckles. I have no idea if using the rope halter was involved in what happened next…I looped the rope through the corral pipe, not tying it. I then proceeded to  pick up a front foot, clean it and  remove some excess hoof wall. I then began to apply a mustang roll with my rasp. After that, I stretched his leg out in front of him to put his hoof on the Hoofjack to finish the roll. Finally,  I sprayed the bottom of his hoof with my homemade anti-bacterial/anti-fungal spray…

Well, if you are wondering what happened- the answer is…NOTHING. Knickers stood there like a statue, no fussing, no biting, no playing with the rope. I did his other front hoof and then cleaned and sprayed his back hooves. GOOD BOY!


I then trimmed all of Kola’s feet and cleaned and sprayed the other horses’ hooves. Everyone behaved well, what a blessing!

Our building permits were approved and we put the downpayment on the shelter & hay shed. We really appreciate the Pepsi grant that will be allowing us to make the improvements to the animal sanctuary.

Don’t forget, our hay funds are depleted and we must somehow come up with $11,000. in the next 5 months to buy hay to get us to July and then purchase a semi-load, which will probably save us about 30-40% on our feed bill in the future by buying in bulk. Donations are needed and greatly appreciated!



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  1. Marilyn Geraghty says:

    You so deserve the good morning you had,glad all those lucky animals cooperate……

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you! I think poor old Knickers just needed a better diet and time to realize I am not going to abuse him. I hope he remains the angel he was today..LOL.

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